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Cats & Cadd!


Cats & Cadd is a computer consulting, home based business.

I do computer consulting, upgrades and support for many small businesses and families.

I am located in Lumberton, TX. which is just north of Beaumont in south east Texas

My software of choice is AutoCAD, I have been using this software since 1987 and began teaching it in 1988. I had attended AutoDesk University every year for many years and enjoy working as Design Supervisor at The Valero Refinery in Port Arthur Texas. I had programed in about 13 different program languages and now program in autolisp and some visual basic. HTML and MS Access are also favorites of mine. 

Due to the shortage of people who knew computer hardware in the beginning I was forced to learn what I needed from hands on experience and then began to help people after hours because they could not afford the high prices that professional computer service men charged.

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