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How many computer repair men do you know that make house calls!


Cats & Cadd is meant as a profit business. At this time I could not make a living from my current clientele so I don't try to. Most of my clients are small businesses and government organizations. I do make house calls but some times the job requires me bringing the computer to my home office to do the main event.

In general I can usually find the best prices for computers and parts and am aware of what works and what doesn't. A typical speed upgrade will be a motherboard, processor, fan and memory. Due to the way prices are constantly falling its hard to quote a price but I would say a ball park price is about $300.00. A used machine less the monitor typically will run about $450.00, A new multimedia computer on average runs around $700 and about $1000 with a 17" monitor.

If these prices seem low it is not surprising, since like I said I can usually find rock bottom prices on systems and with a few minor changes such as a good motherboard and a Western Digital hard drive the machine is solid and trustworthy.

My philosophy is to buy today's technology today for a good price, usually less than $800 and plan on only keeping it for 6 to 9 months at which time sell it for $450.00-$500.00 and do it again. This approach generally will keep upgrading to the next level of technology reasonably priced at about $350.00 and insure that (a) you have current technology and (b) the computer you are selling for less than $500.00 is only 6 months old thereby making it easy to sell, matter of fact it sells itself.

I am very happy for people who can afford to buy tomorrows technology today, only problem with that is it will typically cost close to $1500.00 and by the time they pay it off  they wish they had a new one anyway. Typically a new purchase of that price will keep the buyer from buying again for 2-3 years and then they cant bear to sell it for only a measly $450.00 and chances are its not even worth that.

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