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In 2017 We once again suffered a flood, unfortunately this was devastation we had never experienced before, we had 13" upstairs and had to tear everything out down to the
studs and start over. I am still working on the house as i write this we still havn't got everything finished. I am not posting all the "Damage" photos because it would be to harsh.

As i eased into retirement i was blessed with having a completly remodeled home

Aquarium 1

First succesfull aquarium with plants
Sort of a birthday present to myself

Aquarium 2

First aquarium with a true substrate
Also first aquarium designed to be specifically outdoors

In 2006 the year after Hurricane Rita we endured a flood, the trees Rita knocked down clogged up all the waterways and we ended up getting 17" water downstairs, The event also washed out both bridges between us and civilization.

1st Bridge
2nd Bridge

In 2004 we underwent a major renovation project that turned a backwoods LAN party house into a home.

Before and after pictures



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I bought the house from Melvin Schmidt at Clark Refinery, He needed to have it moved off his property so that he could sell his property to Fina Oil. I paid him one thousand for it. I had Rene Williams house movers move it for 3 thousand, they also raised it for me 8 feet off the ground for an additional 2 thousand. Bill James helped me do the electrical (he is a good friend). Roger Dean let me help him do the localized plumbing, he is also a close friend since 1968. The water well is 435' deep and cost $2600, well dug by Bowman Water Well Service. Jimmy London helped me with the porch, he also is a close friend from the same neighborhood, since 1968. I got the lakes dug in 2008 and 2009, got the storage building in 2004 and the garage in 2008. Still have a lot of work to do as you can see, but with 20 acres I have plenty of room to work with.

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